Inclusive & representative science

Diverse teams and perspectives produce the best, most robust, and actionable science. Sustainable futures require equitable and inclusive participation from society, and our lab strives to bring perspectives of equity to our research, and also how we practice science. We acknowledge diversity comes in many forms including perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We are an inclusive group that welcomes students, trainees, and collaborators from under-represented communities or backgrounds.

Broad perspectives are important not just for representation, but also because they can help challenge dominant paradigms. A diversity of worldviews can show us what might be missing or omitted from the stories we tell ourselves about how the world works, and shape our own worldview of what makes sense. We also strive to recognize implicit biases and understand the privileges that have supported us through our upbringing or location of birth.

Collectively, our research group is committed to fostering an inclusive learning and training environment that nurtures scientists from all backgrounds including women, people of color, LGBTQIA2+, and native or indigenous people, and our group has (or has had) representation from almost all these communities. We cultivate an open and collaborative environment through use of inclusive language, encouraging proper attention to mental health, and reducing financial barriers to participation by providing adequate living stipends and research support.

This is an active process through which we continuously learn and we are grateful to peers, colleagues, and mentors – current, past, and future – who have helped guide us. Our goal is that through our research and collaborative efforts we are creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable future.